Month: March 2024

SLAT v0.8.0! Game goes live~

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(In order to toggle Online and Offline modes, you should press the top left word “Options” in the side menu of the game. Then choose the variant you prefer.)

Hi, everyone! Today is an important day. You all know me mostly as HTML games creator. Mostly, because of YM. And today my second flagman project comes to live – S.L.A.T.! It’s a big step forward for me as a game developer. It’s already full of cool features and sweet potential.

All right, this update is containing the most basic things for future v1.0.0. Which will be published (I hope so) in one month. Don’t expect much yet, but feel free to explore and give me your suggestions about the game.

UPD v0.8.0
 – Added “dreams”. Not lewd ones, just some text about lore? There is a yet-hidden Darkness progression every night. And every night you reach 1/10/20/30 Darkness for the first time, you get a new nightmare. With a new character, if you can call it a new character..
 – Added a new hacking mini-game. You get a 3×3 table of buttons, and a hint, showing you the right row and column. Pretty simple.
 – I also added a new lore event with Lola, the mechanic girl. She’ll approach you in the middle of the night the next day of meeting her, in order to teach you hacking. In the process you’ll hack your cell door, granting ability to walk outside at night. It’s totally useless for now, tho. For now.
 – After a month, I finally executed my old dream – created a working animated cardiogram in your BIO (Biological Information Observer, the computer on your arm). It’s a cosmetic feature, but I’m proud of myself.
 – Talking about BIO, there are three new cool-looking tables, showing your levels of hacking, milking and prostitution. There is no level progression yet, it’s for later.
 – Finished the Dairy Farm! Now you can collect milk (if you have breasts of any size), semen, or vaginal lubrication (if you have vagina). There you’ll meet yet another simple minigame that will test your reaction! (Don’t worry, it’s really slow)
 – Fixed the paper doll. It was splitting in two when player was changing the screen scale. (Yeah, old YM bug)
 – Like I thought, prostitution tables were crashing on mobile screens. So I made a link there. Players can press it and switch between PC and mobile display.

After some ungodly long time, this version is out. … I guess I already said whatever I could, so.. Take care, and see you in two weeks, people!


S.L.A.T. v0.7.0! Well, kinda?..

Try online!

Hi, everyone! I’d love to show you the very first.. wait, it’s not actually the very first version. The second very first version of SLAT! I have much to tell you, so I better start right away.

First things first, the new pre-release version. I like to think about it like version 0.7.0. Yes, three more updates to a full game. For now – it’s not even actually a game.. I know, I told I will finish the basics in these two weeks, but… I suddenly came up with a very cool idea! And I just had to make it! Simple, yet interesting sex process. Simple for players, not for me. I’ll tell about this below, for now – not much has changed in 0.7.0 since the last post. But still, I removed all restrictions and gave 10000 money so you can wander around and try some links. (Maybe find some bugs for me?) It doesn’t have even little base yet, so don’t expect much. Wait two more weeks for a somewhat normal game, please.

Secondly, I’m really proud of myself! Worked every day since the last post, without a single weekend. Let’s hope I’ll keep the pace. But working on a one single part of the game is.. tiresome. Anyway, I tell you this mostly for one reason – so you can understand how much time I put into that new feature! 

Now, to the feature itself! Prostitution! Oh, I hate this word already. It represents 15% of the whole goddamn SLAT!! It’s huge! Yes, main character can sell his body to “guests” of the company now. You can use your cyberdeck in head to apply randomly available data chips. Choose chips, choose guest. Both you and guest have three traits: rudeness, intelligence, elegance. You can raise these traits via data chips in order to seduce guests. The whole process is you, trying to do some high or low risky moves in order to raise attraction of your guest to you. More attraction you have – more chances that he will buy snacks and drinks from vending machine for you during this session. Or go for another round~ More rounds you had, more food and drinks he bought, more money you’ll get in the end. 

The system is super, super complicated for me. However, I’ve spent tens of hours to make it simple for a player. So.. a few sessions of whoring and you’ll be a pro sugar baby:3 It’s a bit lame and not “calibrated” yet, but it’s cool. Start is start.

Damn, almost forgot to say. An artist drew animations for this prostitution feature. They look not bad. Pixels because it’s style of the game!

I’ll go have some sleep, and you try this new little something. Have fun, and see you in two weeks! With normal game, I hope.