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Hello, everyone! Today is a great day! I’m happy to present to you the very first public build of Homelands! It took some decent amount of time to create it. There are some minor bugs and the project is rusty, but I just wanted to show you the progress. And I need to say that this version is not an actual “alpha”. It’s.. an alpha of an alpha. The project is not ready to be shown to the open world yet.

So, let’s talk about this game a bit. You need to download it using the link above. Extract it somewhere, find “Homelands.exe” and run that file. Start a new game (you may need to adjust settings. They are working pretty well) and enjoy walking in the main location. To the left you’ll find a set of weapons, to the right – snow leopard, your very first enemy. The horse boy walking in between is an NPC. Walk with “WASD”, use/enter/talk with “E”, “Shift” for rolling and “Ctrl” for switching between running and walking. Oh, almost forgot! Attack with left mouse button and super attack with right mouse button. You also can talk to the horse boy and enter the house. Don’t like these controls? Change them in the main menu!

What changed in these four weeks? A lot of things! We got an animated lake, fully revised sex scenes (work in progress~), upgraded main character, all weapons animations, portals got animated, added new house and insides of the house, a huge amount of bugs fixed and new menu created by our programmer! All trees and bushes were animated, clouds fixed, pier changed alongside with grass next to it. Did I say about the dialog system and inventory?

Since we have “somewhat good” version, I think it’s time to add a sound designer to the team. I will contact him quite soon. I hope he still has time for a new project. It’s time to think about new locations, too. I can’t wait to get home to work faster. There is so much to be done.

Well, that’s a big step forward! Please tell me what do you think about this build. And don’t forget that it’s a really, really early version:) See you in two weeks, people!