Month: August 2023

Homelands v0.0.6a! Update on sex animations

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Download the latest version (v0.0.6a)

Hello, everyone! I’m back with another update. These two weeks I spent on coding, mostly. Learning by mistakes and reading documentation. It’s not so easy to learn C# and Unity at the same time! But I see a really good progress.

I want to say a word about sex animations. It seems we need to write a few new scripts for them. The system we are using now is looking bad (sad news) and the only way to make it better is to replace it totally. I’m having a call with animator tomorrow so we can discuss the skin management and I can start working in that direction. Thanks for patience! (In other words, it will take quite some time)

UPD v0.0.6a

  • Now player enters and exits houses in the settlement more smoothly.
  • I changed gravity scale and the force of jump and roll in order to make them feel better. Now player spend less time in the air after jumping.
  • Fixed a bug that was moving player forward without the rolling animation.
  • Now the crossbow works as expected. On it’s main attack, it always shoots a single bolt. On a special attack it charges an extra bolt, and on the next attack it will shoot 2 bolts at once. You can charge 2 extra bolts (this means that there will be 3 of them in the shot). Just try, it’s not that complicated.
  • Fixed music settings. Now you can save it without any problems.
  • Fixed a few places in the fight location where snow leopards were struggling to jump on/off tiles.


  • Added special places in the settlement and Hub for sex animations. You will be teleported to the “sex zones” and back, so you don’t have to make extra moves.
  • Added pieces of loot to the game. One of them (a log) can be found in the very beginning of the settlement. I wrote a code and inventory opens and closes as you approach and leave this piece of loot now. I’m really proud of this mechanic, which I created myself.

My only artist is taking a “vacation” and I’m going to find the second one. There are a lot of tasks on hand and a new person will be a great help for the process. Stay tuned, be safe!


Homelands v0.0.5a! More grass, less bugs

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Download the latest version (v0.0.5a)

Hello, everyone! Guess what, I want to try to publish a public release every other week! The updates won’t be as big as the previous ones, of course. But you will see the progress and that’s important. Tell me if I’m wrong.

These two weeks were not so hard, but.. they were boring. For some reason. Maybe because I was working on tiles. Yes, I made a beautiful ground in the fighting zone. By putting a tile to a tile manually. It was worth it, okay?~ I really enjoy the outcome and it had to be done. Well, let’s look at the changes.

UPD v0.0.5a

  • Fixed a small irritating bug, which has been appearing after closing the pause menu by pressing “Resume” button. Now this action doesn’t trigger an attack.
  • Changed some grass sprites in the fighting zone with the new ones of better quality.
  • Changed tiles so they make a nice looking ground. Moss (that green stuff on top of the brown tiles) was fixed, too.
  • Changed the shape of fighting location here and there, fixing mistakes and improving it for better movement experience.
  • Fixed snow leopards’ bug. Now they will trigger if player comes too close from behind.


  • Added new portals to Hub and the settlement. Now they can be turned on and off, showing, which ones are working and could be used.
  • The old “Save or Load” button was replaced with a new “Settings” button. Since saves are somewhat useless now, I decided that it would be a good change.
  • Added borders in the start and the end of the fighting location.
  • Added a script that chooses randomly skins for all grass sprites, bushes and small trees in the fighting zone.
  • Now there will be two random weapons in the beginning of the fighting zone. One melee (sword/hammer) and one ranged (bow/crossbow/staff). All other weapons on the map were removed.
  • Added a new soundtrack to Hub. Now every location has two soundtracks (Hub, fighting location and the settlement).

New sex animations are ready, but their adjunction is still in the process, sorry. We found out that a new approach we are taking requires dealing with two old problems. And right now we are trying to find a simple solution to them. So.. wait a bit more, please.

Anyway, see you in two weeks! Be safe!