Month: April 2024

SLAT v0.9.5! Halfway there!

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Hello everyone! I promised that v1.0.0 would be released on April 14th. Unfortunately, here we are, with v9.5.0. Long story short, I wanted to release the full game in four days, but… I got extremely tired. So I decided to slow things down. Sorry for the delay, but I really need to get some rest and then finish my ideas at a normal pace.

Like I said, I was aiming for v1.0.0 and stopped at the last 30%. Now let me tell you about the part where I stopped. In these two weeks I hope to finish a new location – Lola’s Den, that’s top priority. This will give you the ability to increase your hacking skill, a bit more porn content, and a place to increase Corruption along with Darkness. Second – Clothes shop and more clothes to buy. Players need a place to spend their money! Third thing is to create the End of the game. This will be the madness of a main character, Darkness will consume him. That’s the real purpose of this stat, yes. These three steps are a minimum. Now let’s talk about what is already in the game (maybe not yet reachable, but already created).

UPD v0.9.5
– For mobile users, images that did not fit within the screen borders will now be displayed normally. Also made the character images a little smaller.
– Clicking on any menu item (for example, Settings or Changelog) now hides the side menu for mobile users.
– Created the second level of hacking (unfortunately not yet available in game).
– Nightmares now show the current Darkness points.
– Added a chill zone in the Bedroom. There you can watch TV to reduce the level of Darkness and restore some Energy.
– There is now a level progression. The BIO shows the available levels and the current progress by experience. When you reach the desired threshold, a notification will appear in the left menu about the need to sleep. Yes, level progression takes place at night, immediately after nightmares (if any) (also not available for now).
– Added art to the Medical Bay. Day and night versions.
– Working on Lola’s Den. It is now available in the Hall after the first night quest with Lola. Aaand it’s completely empty for now.
– After a long and painful search, I finally discovered a bug that was constantly selecting the second cell when milking. And finally fixed this bug.
– For mobile players, the milking mini-game line is now the full width of the screen instead of 50%.
– Fixed ‘addclass’ bug in hacking passage. Also fixed ‘addclass’ errors that mobile users kept seeing.
– Found and fixed a problem due to which random images were not showing.

Thank you for your patience! See you in two weeks with well I do hope a working v1.0.0.

SLAT v0.9.0! Fixes, hotfixes

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Hi, everyone! Oh, boy, where do I start… First of all, thanks for your support. I released version 0.8.0 to “test the waters” and received two reactions: “this is promising” and “where’s content?” Both of them show interest and that’s just perfect!

Unfortunately, there were so many players that my server was crashed in just a few hours. I had to take measures and it took about four first days to fix everything. I also published two “hotfixes”. The first one was technical and grammatical, and the second one’s goal was to improve the display of the game for mobile players. Yes, my very first steps towards mobile users. I guess I should stop pretending I don’t notice them. I also ran into some problems while developing the second level of lock for hacking and my artist was sick for almost two weeks.

A lot of problems, but that’s nothing. The most important thing – I sense interest in players. And, not gonna lie, it keeps me running. Not much content for now, but in those weeks we dealt with nasty things that required attention. And then comes the content.

UPD v0.9.0
– To the list of phrases and questions that can be found in the process of prostitution I added: 3 simple phrases (now there are 4 of them), added one more line at the end of sex, one more in seduction for a new round, one new phrase for requests to buy snacks and drinks, also added one question each to the list of three qualities (rudeness, intelligence, elegance).
– Added a tip at the end of the prostitution act and it depends on the final attraction points. The maximum you can get is +20 money.
– Added art of the hall in the daytime and at night.
– I hid the display of milking and prostitution levels in the BIO. They will definitely be back in the game in the future, but for now I decided to focus on the truly core skill – hacking.
– Now, during prostitution, time is added during the process, 5 minutes at a time, instead of just 1 hour at the end.
– Speaking of snacking during prostitution, it now lasts 15 minutes. And if the guest refuses to buy snacks, he will still continue to receive orgasm points.
– Slightly improved the milking mini-game. Now it should work more stable. I received many complaints about it, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get a single glitch… So I improved the only thing that could hypothetically interfere.

Alright, see you in two weeks! I hope my next post will be about v1.0.0, but.. who knows. Have a good day!