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Hello everyone! I promised that v1.0.0 would be released on April 14th. Unfortunately, here we are, with v9.5.0. Long story short, I wanted to release the full game in four days, but… I got extremely tired. So I decided to slow things down. Sorry for the delay, but I really need to get some rest and then finish my ideas at a normal pace.

Like I said, I was aiming for v1.0.0 and stopped at the last 30%. Now let me tell you about the part where I stopped. In these two weeks I hope to finish a new location – Lola’s Den, that’s top priority. This will give you the ability to increase your hacking skill, a bit more porn content, and a place to increase Corruption along with Darkness. Second – Clothes shop and more clothes to buy. Players need a place to spend their money! Third thing is to create the End of the game. This will be the madness of a main character, Darkness will consume him. That’s the real purpose of this stat, yes. These three steps are a minimum. Now let’s talk about what is already in the game (maybe not yet reachable, but already created).

UPD v0.9.5
– For mobile users, images that did not fit within the screen borders will now be displayed normally. Also made the character images a little smaller.
– Clicking on any menu item (for example, Settings or Changelog) now hides the side menu for mobile users.
– Created the second level of hacking (unfortunately not yet available in game).
– Nightmares now show the current Darkness points.
– Added a chill zone in the Bedroom. There you can watch TV to reduce the level of Darkness and restore some Energy.
– There is now a level progression. The BIO shows the available levels and the current progress by experience. When you reach the desired threshold, a notification will appear in the left menu about the need to sleep. Yes, level progression takes place at night, immediately after nightmares (if any) (also not available for now).
– Added art to the Medical Bay. Day and night versions.
– Working on Lola’s Den. It is now available in the Hall after the first night quest with Lola. Aaand it’s completely empty for now.
– After a long and painful search, I finally discovered a bug that was constantly selecting the second cell when milking. And finally fixed this bug.
– For mobile players, the milking mini-game line is now the full width of the screen instead of 50%.
– Fixed ‘addclass’ bug in hacking passage. Also fixed ‘addclass’ errors that mobile users kept seeing.
– Found and fixed a problem due to which random images were not showing.

Thank you for your patience! See you in two weeks with well I do hope a working v1.0.0.