Hi, everyone! I did my best, but the game is still not playable yet. Sorry. These two weeks were pretty good, I managed to work every single day and created a lot of content! But that’s not enough even for a closed release… Let’s talk about what is ready, and what will be added later. 

What is ready?

· The whole base of the game. CSS (design), the time system, a bunch of gameplay widgets, pics-path system, main character and world variables… The base.
· Left side menu. It includes working up-to-date version check system, a little player’s menu (like Smartphone in YM), changelog, settings. In settings you can change between online or offline version of the game and choose between static or animated in-game pics.
· Paper doll is finished, alongside with wardrobe. Clothes, piercings, tattoos… There are just a few pieces of clothes, one nipple piercing option and one mandatory tattoo for now.
· Finally, let’s talk about some plot and playable stuff! For example, a prologue. It’s big, cool and tasty. Well, at least I see it this way! Five unique scenes is a good start, I suppose. 
· Introduction to 4 side in-game characters: BruNo (AI of the company), Olivia (your personal assistant), Lola (mechanic, but doesn’t know shit about this job), Hugo (local head of security and a big asshole).
· Five places have first time event (introduction). It’s Hall, Bedroom, Medical Bay, Dairy Farm, Brothel Wing.· And the Medical Bay is fully operational! It can give you a new haircut (there are 6 of them), help to grow new breasts (from 0 to 5 lvl) or shrink your penis (3 lvls) with ability to replace it with vagina completely! Quite a nice place, made with soul. You’ll like it.
· Oh! In the Medical Bay you will be able to get your everyday depression treatment as well. Yes, by using drugs. And yes, there is everyday depression growth. More perverted you are, bigger risks of losing your mind over time.
· There are also a couple of pics of locations and five profile pics. You’ve seen them already in a previous post.

And what will be added next?

· I definitely need to add at least one “job” for main character. Might be either Dairy Farm or Brothel Wing. Probably the first one, it’s much faster and easier to do.
· There is the fifth side character and I need to introduce it somehow. Spoiler: it is associated with depression I mentioned earlier.
· There is also one bad end I need to add. Yes, associated with depression.
· It will be nice to have 3-4 more plot events. Or at least two of them.
· A new plot location? Probably no, it will be later due to it’s size. I’ll leave this task for next month.

Well, sorry one more time. As you can see, I’m doing my best and very proud of it. If the pace of work will be the same, I’ll make a closed release in two weeks. And after finishing more, a full release. God help me. 
Alright, thank you for your support anyway! And see you right in two weeks! 
Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day <3