Hi, everyone! Time is slowly running out. I was hoping to finish the technical part of the game to this date. And I succeeded! SLAT is a fully operational game. Sadly, there is not much content right now.

So, the technical part is finished. What exactly is ready so far? As I said earlier, cheat menu is ready. But I ran into a problem I want to tell you about. Sadly, Patreon has a surprisingly bad API and you won’t be able to use it to log in and get cheat codes accordingly to your support tier. It is available to SubscribeStar supporters, tho. But, there will be old good cheat codes in SLAT. It’s a necessary measure for me, a lucky outcome for you.

There is a paper doll, as you can see. I spent some great amount of time adjusting it. And it still requires attention.. But that’s a task for future me. For now, … well you can see the available slots on the pics! I just want to add that I’d like to try something new with that doll. How about a whole lot of piercings and tattoos?

The left side menu is taken from YM, that’s right. Alongside with several widgets, paragraphs, methods and so on. Yet, I managed to make a few things even better! Like settings and version check. And I have a few more ideas about the old code I took from my other projects, but for now we have a very limited amount of time and it needs to be spent wisely.

Besides passages and code, I also invested some time into CSS. I’m not showing it today, so you have to imagine it yourself. There will be three-four main types of images and about the same amount of visual passages. Like, a dialog, a place, an event… I tried to keep balance between beauty and readability. But this part is something I’ve never done before, so it will evolve over time.

Well, that’s it. I have the last two weeks till the promised “early access” or something. I’m tired of alpha builds, so this time I’m going to start with v1.0.0. Will I finish at least some playable passages in two weeks? Let’s hope I will! It would be great to fit within these boundaries.

Take care of yourself and see you right in two weeks!