Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to tell you more about the S.L.A.T. game I’m making. The project is not seeing your happy faces at least one month, so I’m going to feed you with tales like a did all previous year. I’d like to write down some questions I assume you have and then answer to them. Let’s do this.

The Plot?

I already gave you something in my last post. A poor depressed and crushed boy is going to a cyberpunk company that “provides happiness”. Suddenly, that company turns out to be a hypno facility that pimps out their “product” – young silly boys, turn into young silly sissy boys. Pretty simple.

More Plot?

While you are finding ways to earn money to pay your company debt, a few characters will be introduced to you. Facility AI, an assistant “mommy”, a mechanic “sister” and Hugo – local asshole and security officer. Not gonna spoil the fun right now, but they will help you to develop new fetishes.

What Are These Fetishes?

Okay, gonna spoil it. S.L.A.T. will not be a soft game, so you’ll be beaten up, feminized, laughed at, pimped out (expectedly), drugged and left on the cold floor. Hope you are happy about that.

And These Useless Access Cards?

Will be useful from the very v1.0.0. I’m sorry for the previous year. In SLAT (let me skip the dots) there will be your favorite cheat codes. To be honest, the cheat menu is almost ready.

Gameplay or something?..

You will be able to play with paper doll (like in YM, yes), do regular 18+ text game things. Nothing very new for this genre. And nothing too important. I feel that I must tell about one thing. I have this artist craving again… So I’ll try to impress players with novels style (doing my best to learn more about writing books rn). Don’t worry, there will be no huge text scenes! English in not my native language, but I hope five years of experience will do the trick.

Anyway, that’s it for today. The game is developing (rather slowly, actually). I also brought you these 180×180 pixel pics of stated characters. Who’s the fifth one? You have to guess it!

See you in two weeks! And thanks for patience.