Month: July 2023

Homelands v0.0.4.1a! Hotfix, yep

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Download the latest version (v0.0.4.1a)

Well, the previous version wasn’t so stable, sorry for that. Long story short, I want to present to you a hotfix.

UPD v0.0.4.1a

  • Fixed a bug due to which the player stood still and did not react to input in the settlement.
  • Fixed music playing from the very beginning after pausing the game.
  • Fixed sex animations playing not from start sometimes.
  • Fixed pause menu that was appearing from cancelling sex animations.

Here we go. Sorry one more time.


Homelands v0.0.4a! Stable. Working. Basic.

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Download the latest version (v0.0.4a)

Hello, everyone! What can I say about these two last weeks of working with Unity? It was really hard. Maybe Unity is not the most dense game engine, but it still requires a lot of understanding. Do I know how to work in that engine now? Nope. But I believe that a couple more weeks of learning will help greatly.

Well, back to business. I’m happy to introduce Homelands v0.0.4a! The previous public release was.. two months ago? Damn. If v0.0.3 was “somewhat playable”, this version is “at least something playable”. Let’s look at the changes, shall we? (I want to wrap it in the old format that I have been using for these four years)

UPD v0.0.4a

  • Fixed a bug that prevented choosing female character in the main menu.
  • Fixed a music volume bug that prevented changing it from the options.
  • Fixed a captives bug. Now there is 50% chance of capturing female or male snow leopard, not only female one.
  • Fixed some ground points, hitbox colliders and everything. Now player doesn’t stick to vertical surfaces. (But, boy, there’s still plenty of work to do)
  • Fixed some blurry pictures of trees and bushes. Yes, by redrawing and reanimating them. It has affected some pics from Hub and the fighting zone.
  • Fixed a few minor details in sex animations. Yes, I know, they need to be fully reworked. Already in process.
  • Fixed pause. Now all animations stop after the pause menu is active.
  • Fixed super arrows and crossbow bolts spawn point.


  • Added totally new main chars (both male and female). They are still kobolds, but they have much better resolution and their animations are a bit better now. Animator added pseudo 3D effect and creates two different sets of bones for each character this time. Oh, weapons and projectiles were reworked, too.
  • Added a new set of clothes for female character. Use a table in Hub to change your appearance.
  • Added a procedural fighting zone. Activate one of the portals in Hub to go there. It’s not totally procedural in the best way possible… But it changes chunks of the level every time. Just keep in mind that it’s not the final look of it. 🙂
  • Added cosmetic sprites to the fighting zone. A set of rocks, plants, weed and roots will smooth sharp edges of the tiles.
  • Added platforms and chains to the fighting zone. Now it is possible to climb up and down and use platforms (you know, press down and jump. Platforms).
  • Added three new soundtracks. One for the fighting zone and two for the settlement.
  • There also was added a piece of code to shuffle songs every time.

Glad to be able to show you at least somewhat working game! Still a lot of work to do, of course… So, what’s next? Fixing other characters, animations (sex animations, yes), improving fighting and procedural generation of the battle zone. See you in two weeks with another report! Be safe!


Homelands! I’m going to code it myself, like YM

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Download the latest version (v0.0.3a)

Hello, everyone! Well, first of all, I want to inform you all about somewhat serious changes in the next work on Homelands. We are going to add something from YM and this will be… me. From this day, I’ll be working on this project as a programmer. Cons: I will be learning from the very basics. Pros: I learn fast, plus the former programmer will be teaching me.

I tend to believe that the success of YM is based on my work. No one is willing to work days and nights on a project, except for it’s owner. And you can imagine my excitement about this change~

A couple of words about the now-former programmer. I rarely speak about that person, but I knew him from the very first pages of YM. He helped me here and there with games. Sadly, now he needs to find a real job, that’s something I can’t offer to him. Let’s wish him good luck!

Now, let’s get to the changes. Starting with the characters we were working on. Female kobold is totally ready. She has all moving, attack and super attack animations. Two sets of clothes, just to make sure this system works. The sex animations are in progress and I really hope to show you them in two weeks. That would be perfect.

An artist and an animator are working on the new male character right now. Clothes are ready (one set) and animations… We just started, so not much to show yet. Just a bunch of very basic animations, here’s the least goofy one x3

Before our programmer became a former programmer, he managed to fix a couple of bugs in the procedural battle zone. It is clearly more playable now, but in the latest check I found about eight bugs (not so serious, to be honest) and I want to fix them while learning Unity. I think that’s a great opportunity. Apart from that, this part of the game is ready.

Sadly, no more soundtracks yet. A sound designer has some problems and the work goes slowly. I hope we will get new song till the next update. At least it sounds like that.

Well.. Yes, I’m very excited for this opportunity to make Homelands with my own hands. I really missed that. So let’s get into it, shall we? See you in two weeks, and – I hope – with a new public release!