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Hello, everyone! Well, first of all, I want to inform you all about somewhat serious changes in the next work on Homelands. We are going to add something from YM and this will be… me. From this day, I’ll be working on this project as a programmer. Cons: I will be learning from the very basics. Pros: I learn fast, plus the former programmer will be teaching me.

I tend to believe that the success of YM is based on my work. No one is willing to work days and nights on a project, except for it’s owner. And you can imagine my excitement about this change~

A couple of words about the now-former programmer. I rarely speak about that person, but I knew him from the very first pages of YM. He helped me here and there with games. Sadly, now he needs to find a real job, that’s something I can’t offer to him. Let’s wish him good luck!

Now, let’s get to the changes. Starting with the characters we were working on. Female kobold is totally ready. She has all moving, attack and super attack animations. Two sets of clothes, just to make sure this system works. The sex animations are in progress and I really hope to show you them in two weeks. That would be perfect.

An artist and an animator are working on the new male character right now. Clothes are ready (one set) and animations… We just started, so not much to show yet. Just a bunch of very basic animations, here’s the least goofy one x3

Before our programmer became a former programmer, he managed to fix a couple of bugs in the procedural battle zone. It is clearly more playable now, but in the latest check I found about eight bugs (not so serious, to be honest) and I want to fix them while learning Unity. I think that’s a great opportunity. Apart from that, this part of the game is ready.

Sadly, no more soundtracks yet. A sound designer has some problems and the work goes slowly. I hope we will get new song till the next update. At least it sounds like that.

Well.. Yes, I’m very excited for this opportunity to make Homelands with my own hands. I really missed that. So let’s get into it, shall we? See you in two weeks, and – I hope – with a new public release!