Month: May 2024

SLAT v1.0.1! Minor hotfix

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Hello, everyone! I’m not feeling well this week, so this update is quite small. I managed to fix two tiny bugs and added a new art to the Dairy Farm. That’s pretty much it.

I know that there is a problem with moving progress from one version to another. I have absolutely no idea what’s causing it, but I’m experimenting to find a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPD v1.0.1
– Fixed the display of Formal Panties in the wardrobe. They can now be used after purchase.
– Leveling up while sleeping now works correctly. I must apologize for this bug, it was very stupid…
– Added animated art for the Dairy Farm.

See you in two weeks! Be safe!

SLAT v1.0.0! Finally

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Hello everyone! First of all, I’m sorry for delaying the update. I needed a week off and that cost me another week of work, yeah. Unexpected outcome. At least now we have something that looks like a real game now! Version 1.0.0 is out and I’m happy about that. Sure, it still looks like a demo. But I want to call it v1.0.0 anyway.

In this update I mainly worked on Lola’s Den and Clothing Store, a new location. The first one has some ero content, the second one has clothes you can spend your earned money on. I also wanted to add the end game event in this update, but… It will be added a little later.

UPD v1.0.0
– There is now a hypnotic visor in Lola’s Den. It increases the level of Corruption and Darkness.
– An art has been added to Lola’s Den. It is the only one for both day and night.
– There is now a paragraph in Lola’s Den that is displayed on your first visit.
– You can now “practice” hacking in Lola’s Den, increasing your hacking skill on special simplified 2×2 locks.
– An old couch has been added to Lola’s Den. You can doze on it, sleep fully, dream, and level up. Just like in your Bedroom.
– From 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. (when Lola is not in Lola’s Den) you can now hack Lola’s computer. This lock has a second level of difficulty.
– After hacking in, you can use Lola’s computer. After browsing through the files, you can find her erotic photos and a small text document.
– Added a new location – Clothing Store.
– Added 12 new clothes that you can buy.
– Created a new way of displaying clothes. It is a table with a picture of the clothes on the main character’s body, a name, a description of the item and a “Buy”/”Put on” button. It adapts normally to mobile screens.

Well, see you in about one week. With hotfixes or a regular update. Or both. Don’t forget to drink water!