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You can buy new Access cards for all my games on my SubscribeStar or Patreon (not for YM)

Hello everyone! I finally finished working on SubscribeStar and Patreon API with my friend. As you can see, now you can purchase “Access cards” and get bonuses in all my projects (right now I updated Young Maria v2 and Old Young Maria. In 24 hours I’m going to update Simple Gloryhole, SLAT and Forest Fairytales). You can buy these cards on my SubscribeStar and Patreon and there are three of them: Basic card ($5), Advanced card ($14) and Full card ($24).

Let’s talk about YM a bit more. I can’t monetize YM on Patreon because well they don’t like incest. So, you won’t be able to get bonuses from Patreon card there, sadly. But I managed to create an Offline Authentication system. You go there, log in, get a code, insert a code into downloaded YM and… voila!

– Added ability to log in to SubscribeStar account to get bonuses ($5, $14, $24 tiers). All other tiers will be removed soon, but you still can use cheat codes. For some time. Also, you can use special system to log in if you are doing this from downloaded game file (“Offline YM”).
– Removed all “system” tags. They were used with the (temporary) removed hygiene system.
– Added test for P.E. There are three types of the test: jumping, running and playing football. All of them test your Fitness. The system takes a random number and see if your Fitness more or less than this number. Your score is based on how far your Fitness from this random number (min. -15 points, max. 15).
– Added test cheat options for School. Now you can either: Tease your classmate with cleavage (15 Corruption, 1/3 answer); Let him “finger” you (30 Corruption, 2/3 answers); Jerk him off (60 Corruption, 3/3 answers). There is no Reputation or Corruption reward for doing this.

Well, see you soon, people. Have fun~

Tell me if something is not working, by the way!