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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello, comrades! This was an awful year, and we all know this. A lot of shit happened. But I hope everything we suffered made us stronger. We are humans, and it’s hard to break us! So spend these holidays with your family, friends, beloved ones. Remember every bad thing that happened to you, and let it go. We have a whole life ahead, and I wish you had it happy. May 2021 be bright and beautiful!

Okay, I spoke from my heart, but, anyway, sorry for any mistakes:) Let’s get back to YM. I spent a lot of time on this update, and I hope you enjoy it. Some scenes need to be expanded, and I know this. I’m not good at writing stories~ I hope Rachael might help me with them. She’s a bit busy right now, tho… Also, thanks to Middlewared for fixing bugs. I know the last update was full of red lines, now everything is fixed.

UPD 9.0.0
– Middlewared helped me with this update, and the first six lines belong to him. Including this one. He fixed kitchen errors (red lines)
– Cum now washes off when select “have a shower” after sleep
– Bugs in the parents’ room were fixed
– Minor links bugs were fixed, too
– Tampons were removed from “dime time”, remained only on pharmacy store
– Now, shower spy can join you, but only if you tease him(/her). 33% chance, no corruption or relationship check!
– Added a scene with a dog in the Park. When you are jogging, he may follow you (20% chance). And you can play with him:3
– Then, if bestiality is on, you can do NSFW stuff with him
– You can now clean semen off your face when washing it in the bathroom or brushing your teeth. I’m deadly sorry, but this might crash the old saves
– Also, you can clean it off from your legs by using the toilet in the same bathroom
– Talking about the bathroom, now you don’t get covered in cum after you have sex there
– Finally. Finally! You finally can go outside naked! You people asked me a million times, and here you go, perverts~ Happy New Year:3 There’s just one scene yet (with a police officer, night and day gifs. 33% chance), but I already have some ideas. Oh, you need 90 points of corruption to go out like that. Yes, deal with it

Okie, here you are. I wish you the best New Year ever. Cheers!;3