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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello, everybody! I managed to add a lot of cool stuff this time. Even a few new pictures (with Ralf)! I’m finally back at home, and I can work more now. 

I didn’t add the part with sissifying brother this time because it’s unfinished. Also, I decided to keep the old Problem Solver for now because it’s still working somehow. Anyway, I worked on both these cases and made some progress.

I improved Paper Doll a bit, and I strongly recommend updating the game.

And I’m going to create a Bug Hunter role in my Discord server. Soon. If you give a lot of feedback, mention me there and I’ll give you this honorable title~

UPD 10.0.0
– I spent a lot of time fixing Paper Doll. It should work properly for mobile players now. Also, I added some variables to add pieces of clothes easier in the future
– Freed up space in Twine in the top left corner by moving all Story Help menu-related passages into one. Players won’t notice any changes (I hope)
– I created a new schedule for the sister. Added it to the help menu. Spoiler: it is similar to brother’s one
– Created a style for sister’s dialog boxes. Feel free to submit your ideas about the color combination
– Added sister’s reaction on nude/topless main character. It works as brother’s since they have almost identical schedules
– Fixed some misprints and made text improvements
– Fixed (/finished) global variables showing positions of sister
– Now sister can notice semen on you. Two reactions: when semen on/in pussy and when it’s everywhere
– Improved both Problem Solver and Daily Check Problem Solver. I don’t want to touch something that works, so I just made them a bit faster and more efficient
– Added new text by Rachael to the Threesome event (when you are whoring via Smartphone, and a family member wants to join). Now, sister is available, too. Like always, there’s a scene for the first time and another one for other times
– Fixed the error you get when you go to JobHunters from the Bedroom link and then back
– I removed all useless books from the Library
– Added a new rule to the HaveASexWidget now beasts can cum in you without getting you pregnant! Already added this ability to existing scenes
– Added limit for Ralf’s relationship points (from 0 to 100)
– Now, you can mate with Ralf in Family Bitch mode. Enable it in Dog girl magazine (requires 80 FB Corruption). Later I’ll add his reaction to Canine lube to make it not so useless

Have a good day and see you next weekend!