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The Main Pics Folder was updated (v11.0.0)! If you use the Offline version, please download it.

Hello, everyone! How are you? I’ll be honest, it’s the hottest summer in my whole life.. All day long, I just sleep and help my parents. And only when night comes I can do my job. But no whining! Working on YM keeps me sane this summer, and I’m grateful for this opportunity! At least I manage to make some progress. This update was made only by myself, by the way.

Let me give you some inside information about the team members’ work. Daniel is trying to create good music (I receive samples from him almost twice a week). He wants to make something big and beautiful, so let’s wish him good luck! Rachael is still busy with a huge pile of scenes I was already talking about.

And today I received a message from one person. It seems they’re a good writer, so maybe you’ll get a new pretty NSFW scene in the next update! Who knows:3

UPD 11.3.0
– Fixed the link in the paragraph when mom catches you after the “Dad’s laps” episode
– Fixed the time error you might meet when talking with brother and his friend
– Added a new scene to Family Bitch mode. When you are walking, a stranger will take you to the back alleyway for some money. Make sure the non-con is turned on in the settings!
– Added a very overpriced bar to a strip club
– Added a WC to the Night club
– Now you can clean your face and legs in all WCs
– Added a new NSFW scene to the Night Club. When you are dancing, a guy might grope your ass and ask you to go to a more private place. To accept his offer, you need at least 60 points of Corruption. There are 8 new gifs
– Nerfed the random tip generator a bit for webcam streaming

Well, it seems that I’m going to bed before 1 AM! Today I slept very badly because of the heat, so I need this. Stay hydrated, people! Take care of yourselves<3