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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello, everyone! This week was a rough one. I won’t complain about my problems. Just.. sorry, and I’ll be a better developer next time. I promise:3

My team almost totally made this update. A huge thank you to them! And I wanted to tell you about the gifs in the library section. I know that they don’t work – the thing is, the whole related folder is missed from online hosting. I don’t know how this possible, but I’m working on this. I have one idea how I can fix this, so wish me good luck..

All the next week I’ll spend passing more exams (already preparing for them), but there’s a chance I’ll get sick because of my roommate and in this case, I’ll be able to work more! Okay, time for the changelog.

UPD 9.6.0
Family Bitch mode update:
– Added a scene by Plaze – Playing with brother in FB mode. Just beg him to play more with you, and you’ll get what you want! And, if you have a non-consent setting turned on, you have a 20% chance of getting the more interesting part of this scene
– Added ability to go to the Park while you are walking
– And there you can meet another scene by Plaze. Turn bestiality on, get more than 40 points of FBCorruption and play with your new friend – dog Max! There are two scenes, actually
Other changes:
– Added a scene by Rachael – Father is Ron (for the giving birth event)
– Another scene – Father is Jerry
– And another – Father is stranger
– An update in the system that prevents save files crash (by Middlewared)

Wish me good luck and see you all next weekend!

Also, Happy Valentine’s Day<3