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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello! As I promised, this week, I was working more on YM, and I managed to make all this update by myself! Except for a new big scene by Rachael. Middlewared is still resting, and Plaze is deadly busy with his work, sadly. I have only two exams left, and soon I’ll be back<3 (I really miss days when I was totally free and could make great updates)

A couple of days ago, I was trying to fix the error with some pics. A plugin damaged them. Sadly, I have to fix the whole folder with gifs and pics somehow. Still thinking about the best way to do this. I have one friend who can help me, so I hope it’s not a big problem. Also, I’m gonna hire a new guy to fix my site. It’s still very, very rusty!

UPD 9.7.0
Family Bitch mode update:
– Fixed the ‘if’ clause in the Park. Now you can’t go out while in FB mode
– Fixed the scene with Max (the park dog)
– Changed the Bedroom appearance a bit. Also, now playing with the ball takes 2 hours, instead of 4
– Added a Dog girl magazine to the Bedroom. There you can “acquire” some pet things absolutely free. But you need to reach the required amount of FB Corruption points for this
– For example, you can get the Dog bowl if you have more than 10 FB Corruption points. It restores 20 points of Energy once a day
– Also, there you can find the Canine lube item. It makes your pussy smell like a dog one. It has no particular benefits for now
Other changes:
– Removed the ‘End Game’ warning in the Bedroom. You saw it in the last days of pregnancy
– Added a new scene by Rachael. Remember that detention scene in the school? Now you can meet a female teacher with a 50% chance. You must have 50 points of Corruption to have sex with her

I hope you have a good end of winter. See you next weekend!