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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hi there! I hope you all have a good weekend and are ready to greet spring! I’m a bit tired of the cold myself… Okay, back to business! This week was good for work, and I managed to work both on YM and the site.

Talking about my team, Rachael made two amazing scenes for the detention event (male and female teachers). And we are talking with Plaze about feminizing brother. There are only plans for now, but maybe we will work on this part more seriously.

And my site’s files are wasted. I have no idea why, but some got corrupted, and I can’t repair them. Also, I can’t upload new ones or manage URLs. Interesting, right? I’m so tired of my helplessness, to be honest… Also, I found out that Russian banks don’t have IBAN codes, which prevents me from using a lot of cool European plugins to run my ‘internet shop.’ Anyway, I keep working on everything and I hope you’ll enjoy the new version of YM :3

UPD 9.8.0
Family Bitch mode update:
– Now, when you start with the Family Bitch perk, the farm is already discovered + you have 50 points of relationship with Ralf, and you didn’t see the very first scene with him (when you obtain the collar) + granddad has already seen you with him
– Added a new item to the Dog girl magazine – a realistic dog dildo. Use it to add some FB Corruption for 20 Energy. The only blowjob is available for now
– Now, you can use the cheat codes menu on your Smartphone while in FB mode. The cheat for Corruption will add FB Corruption points (but only in FB mode!)
Other changes:
– Added gifs for a Library scene. The one you see when reading erotic books
– Increased the chance to get pregnant. Base chance – 5% instead of 1% and 15% instead of 2% if you started with the “Blessed mother” perk (you don’t have to restart the game)
– Now reading in the Library is not so useless. For 30 points of Energy (instead of 20) you can choose a new book – ‘Social literature’ and it will give you +1 to all family members’ Relationship. Also, I changed the structure of this passage to add more books easier in the future
– Added two scenes by Rachael. When you go to the school detention with non-consensual content enabled and not corrupted enough, you’ll see the rape scenes (with male and female teachers). This counts as a ‘first interaction,’ and you won’t see the standard first scene

Well, see you next weekend, like always! Don’t get cold<3