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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello! As I promised, here’s the new version of YM. And as I said, it was almost totally made by Middlewared, Rachael, and Plaze. They did a great job. Middlewared found some decent gifs for this update because you asked them for more media.

UPD 10.2.0! (by Middlewared, Rachael, Plaze)
– Added a new start perk – Sissy brother mode. It can be enabled only in the character creation menu and can’t be disabled in the game
– Added a related section in the Help menu
– Added a training scene with a sister to activate an erotic scene, corruption is more than 40, and a relationship with a sister is more than 40
– Added a scene with a sister on the sofa (sofa). For activation, you need a corruption of a sister more than 30 and a relationship with a sister less than 20
– Added a scene to spend the night with my sister. To activate the erotic scene, you need a relationship with a sister more than 30 and corruption of the main character more than 40, but other options are also spelled out
– Problem Solver: Everyday check was improved greatly. Now, if the value of the setting doesn’t equal to ‘true’ of ‘false’ it takes the last valid value. Quite simple, but it took ages for me to build it

I hope you’ll like this update! Let’s say thanks to our team:3 See you next weekend!