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Hello! This version was made entirely by the team, so all glory to them. The last hotfix was kinda made-in-hurry, but Middlewared assured me that this version is good and stable! Okay, I have not much to say, to be honest. The exams time is starting, and I wish all students good luck! Fingers crossed for all of us;3

UPD 10.6.0!
– Finally fixed the bug while going to the classes
– Added schedule descriptions for mom and dad (in the help section)
– Added school schedule description (in the school hallway, there is a link “school”)
– Fixed “read a book” in the library (now takes 20 minutes)
– Fixed the bug with siblings displaying in the stats menu
– A bit fixed the sister schedule
– New scene with sister by Emma! You and your sister have to have more than 50 corruption point + you need to have sex with sis at least 2 times after that go to her room after 22:30 (a small chance)
– New scene in school by Rachael! Now a classmate can flirt with you during a class. You must have at least 20 reputation points (you need to have more than 40 corruption points for blowjob, vaginal, anal scenes) – small chance
– New scene in school by Emma! You can meet Cristy in the girls restroom, and she’ll offer you to clean her up. Small chance.
– New street scenes! If you’re drunk (more than 50 points of intoxication), you can meet 2 new events on the street (small chance) – gang bang and fun in a car (Thanks to nomopo13!)
– Meet a new character – Nora! You can meet her during a class (you must have at least 40 corruption points. A small chance). Later you can go to her house and continue your dialog. If you picked a “romantic” relationship type with her, you could meet her in the cafeteria (a small chance, too. And it was made by Emma).
– New scene with mother by Emma! If you had a bad class, and the teacher has scolded you, there is a small chance that your mother will comfort you in a lewd way after school. Mother should have more than 20 corruption point

Have a good day! See you next weekend, people^^