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Hello, lads~ Today is the day when I’m digging into some pretty dense subject and I need to learn it in just a few days. Pretty tough task, yes. I decided to write a post before I start.

Not very much changed, actually. I’m searching for UI and environment artists and since I haven’t found any yet, I’m working on characters mostly.

Right now we have “demo”, “visual” of 7 enemies so far. Three more and we will finish the task! One enemy has all animations ready and our programmer was making some code changings all previous week so we can implement other enemies with animations more easily. Hitbox, attack patterns, the most basic AI, chasing player system… this part is going to be finished today, he told me. At least the snow leopard (the very first enemy) is already up and running. Throwing grenades, going after the player and killing them.

We also finished working on 4 kinds of NPCs. Every kind has a male version, a female version, a basic set of clothes and accessories. And every one of them has an idle and a walk animations. Well, that’s a good start.

Our animator is working on main character’s animations right now. At least four of twelve are ready.

Well, that’s it. Talking about my exams and when this slow-work period will be over – I don’t really know, but I suppose this will take at least two more weeks. I hope not more. God I hope so. Anyway, thank you all for support and see you soon:3