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Hello, everyone! These two weeks were quite interesting. I’m happy about the reaction on the new release and now it’s time to make Homelands look more beautiful!

On the very next day I started to deal with pixel artifacts. They appear here and there on sprites, but that’s not the main issue. The main issue is the appearance of main characters. And, well, characters in total. I decided to work on them a bit. And it paid off greatly! An animator is still working on the new kobold (you can see the picture below), but I already see the improvements.

We are also planning on fixing two more problems with this move. First, it will fix “mixed animations”, like running+jumping or falling+taking damage. Totally new Spine bones will do the job and the characters will move much smoother. Second, sex animations. Yes, they are as goofy as it can be. I understand that and want to fix them as fast as possible. Moreover, we have a bonus: an artist drew new character naked, and animator is going to make changeable clothes! As you can see, we learn from our mistakes and plan ahead now.

We also fixed a few trees and bushes here and there. They became a little more neat, but… something is still missing.

A sound designer finished a new soundtrack for the village just a few days ago. Now we need at least one more soundtrack for every location. He’s working on the one for the battle zone right now.

Another artist finished a big task – drawing “cosmetic” sprites for clean edges and corners of the tiles. They with smooth the visual appearance. These sprites are already animated and in work (here’s just a bit of them, for one particular corner).

And what about programmer? Another big aim for the next public release is to make the game more stable. And he fixed all the bugs and errors I pointed at. Right now he’s making the procedure generating battle zone. It works, but still needs some time and a lot of tests.

Like I already said, I’m happy with the outcome of the previous release! Slowly, but surely. See you people in two weeks with more information (and maybe even something playable). Be safe!