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Download the latest version (v0.0.3a)

Hello, everyone! I bet you’ve forgot about me already! I’ve been absent for about three weeks. You know, I didn’t want to come back just to tell that you have to wait a bit more. So here it is, another big public update! I’m really excited about this one. And I hope you’ll like v0.0.3a.

There was a lot of changes, but let me just describe Homelands instead of talking about every single change and fix. Let’s sum up everything.

First of all, you can create a character now. It’s still a kobold. You can choose sex (male or female) and genitals (penis or vagina). Yes, you can create a c-boy or a shemale. The third option – realistic genitals. You can choose will this game have horse/cat/lizard dongs or simple human ones!

After creating a character, you wake up in Hub, your start location. Go to the left and enter a brown portal – it will take you to high mountains. There pick up a sword and go fight some enemies! An eagle on the top left platform, snow leopard in the middle and wolverine operating a deadly ballista. The eagle guards the second weapon – a bow. Actually, you can kill these bandits or sneak past them – there is a gate on the right side of the location. Open it manually by pressing interact button and go to the village.

What’s interesting in the village? NPCs! You can enjoy simple dialogs and strange looking sex interactions. When you are ready to go you can use a portal right in the middle of the street – it will take you home, back to Hub.

Do you remember the snow leopard in the fighting zone? If you stun him (by pure luck), you can capture the poor soul. And if you manage to capture him, there will be either it’s male or female version in Hub, waiting for you. You can talk to them or have sex. Simple as that.

That’s it! The simplest basics of Homelands, the most primitive gameplay. We have much more in mind, but here are the “bones” of the game.

By the way, now the automatic saves are working. And all enemies have sounds. And the fighting zone has a new soundtrack, I bet you’ll like it.

Well, that’s all for today! Thank you all for believing in this project! It’s becoming better and better every day and today you got the hard proof. See you in two weeks;3 Now without delays! (Maybe)