Well, hello, everybody. Good news for ones, bad news for others. I’m stopping to work on Homelands. Sorry.

When I started that project, I wanted to take a step forward. New engine, new approach, new challenges. Sadly, I found out that I made a few mistakes. I have to admit that 2D vanilla game on Unity was a too big piece of cake for me. Chewing it would take a few years and I’m already all tired. So, I decided to work on something more familiar – a text game.

Did I learn something on that journey? Yes, quite a lot. Learning C# made me a much better programmer. I found a few amazing artists, sound designers, animators. Learned about working in a team. I also found out new ways to store files, create useful documents for game development, started using Figma/Trello/Toggle. I do hope that this will help me in the future.

What will happen to Homelands? Sadly, I’ll pack all files till the better days. I don’t think that I’ll return to this project, to be honest. So let’s say that it’s abandoned from now.


What I will do next? My next project will be a text game. Nope, not YM. The new game will be about a girly boy. About his MtF transformation under heavy pressure of wild cyber world. I can’t say more, but I think you’ll see the base of this game really quickly. It will take a month or two. I’ll keep you posted.

Many of you know me as text games developer. I guess I made a mistake, trying to switch to Unity without second thought. It’s time to take a step back and create another great game. Like always, I’ll do my best. With your help.

See you soon!