Hi, everyone! Today I’m gonna tell you a story about a little depressed boy. He lived in a bright future world.. Wait, no, the future world was bright only for powerful and rich, and our guy wasn’t one of them. Left alone and crushed by unlucky events, he was doomed to vanish in slums. 

Luckily for him, there was a company! SLAT (stands for Sissy Learning and Training) helped such poor little fellas to find happiness in life and maybe even cover their debts by earning some honest money!

All you have to do is sign the pretty contract… SLAT is a medical company, so you have to agree on staying in their facility as long as it’s needed, do what’s need to be done and obeying every single order. And in return, you’ll be treated with a lot of rare drugs and a lot of unique operations. 

What about the happiness they promise? It’s real! You just need to find it in submitting, obeying and being a good boy. Or a good girl. Don’t worry, the treatment is really good. Just give it time. And meanwhile, make money, serving the rich ones.

What’s the end of this story? Maybe our little guy finds inner peace, earns a lot of money and finishes the program? Or he crushes under the weight of cruel world and dangerous drugs, letting darkness consume his soul? Or.. the story never ends? Sometimes the path much more interesting than the goal. The company surely will be very pleased to support this decision!

Just two more months or so~ Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned!