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Hello, everyone! I was happy to receive a lot of feedback (I was kinda surprised to get any at all) and I made many changes to plans regarding developing this game. And first thing I decided to add is a little more information about who the main character is and why he does what he does. Please read signs in every location. Plus, I made a few the most simple “life quality” changes to things people was not so happy about.

UPD v0.0.8a
– Now all interactable objects (portals, doors, NPCs…) calculate the distance to the player and choose the closest one. It is very useful in situations when you try to activate one specific object in crowd of NPCs.
– Fixed the default “I” button for toggling Inventory. Now it works perfectly.
– Moved a mill and a cabin a little further apart in the settlement, so you can’t be trapped in there forever.
– Now it’s not mandatory to capture all snow leopards in the fighting zone to open the gate. You can just defeat them and leave.
– Added.. information! Please read signs in every location, they contain the base info about who you are and what you are doing. It’s a bit raw, but we have to start somewhere.
– Also added an info window to every portal. You’ll see why.
– Now pause menu, clothes menu, character creation menu, settings, info windows – all of them can be closed by pressing “Esc” button. Sadly, that doesn’t apply to dialogs. They use the completely different system of UI management.
– Added pixel perfect camera component to the main camera. This could make the overall picture slightly better, but it’s still far from perfection… Work in progress.

Okay, one person said it would be nice to know what I’m going to work on next. First thing, I’m going to fix as many bugs as possible in the fighting zone (projectiles moving through enemies? Impossible to tolerate). Second, I have a lot of new animations to be installed. In addition, all of them need new pieces of code, so it will take some time. For example, there are a couple of new NPC models (fox and horse) and new sex animation just for tests.

I want to work on bugs and new content at the same time, but there are too many fixes to be made for now. Anyway, we never stopped working on the ero animations – the most important thing in the whole game. Yep, still in process. At least we found solutions to the problems I was talking about earlier.

Stay warm this autumn; don’t get sick like I did. See you in two weeks with new version!